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This apple is one of the most prized among apple connoisseurs, ranking with Cox's Orange Pippin in terms of flavor quality. It is a medium-sized apple that is russeted bronze over greenish gold and speckled with white lenticels. The flesh is creamy and dense, yielding a rich, aromatic juice that is high in sugar and acid and low in tannin. Golden Russet is highly esteemed among cider makers for its ability to reliably produce excellent juice, and it is often used for single-variety ciders. The fruit stores exceptionally well, remaining crunchy and flavorful throughout winter. Tasters often describe the flavor of Golden Russet as "nutty," but this doesn't even begin to capture the delightful intensity of its honeyed sweetness.

Golden Russet

  • We will create a plaque for each tree that has room for 200 characters. 
    Here are some samples for how your plaque might look:

    Option 1 (just a name and sponsor):

    "Thomas Jefferson"

    Sponsored by {Your Name}, 2022

    Option 2 (Name, message & sponsor):


    Named in memory of "John Adams", our third president who loved cider.

    Sponsored by {Your Name}, 2022

    Option 3 (Name and Anonymous Sponsor):

    "Benjamin Franklin"

    Anonymously Sponsored, 2022

    Option 4 (just a name):

    "Johnny Appleseed"


    These are just suggestions so feel free to get creative! Keep in mind that you have 200 characters to work with, and we will only approve messages that are not rude, vulgar or offensive in any way (this is a family friendly orchard!)

    Thank you again for supporting our cidery dreams.

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